Why Should I Buy a Ceiling Fan?

Cooling power, energy savings and a major aesthetic impact—the ceiling fan is finally being appreciated for the multi functional powerhouse that it is.

How Can a Ceiling Fan Enhance My Home?

The ceiling fan is a true centerpiece, and it’s never too late to think about how a fan can complete or refresh a room’s look and feel. With a smorgasbord of finishes to explore, from traditional to modern designs, no matter what style you’re going for in any space, there’s a ceiling fan that will incorporate perfectly with any decor.


How Much Energy Can I Save?

OK, let’s break down this wind chill effect into dollars and sense. A ceiling fan can make a room feel six to eight degrees cooler than the actual ambient temperature (so an 80° room feels like 72°.) Now your air conditioner doesn’t have to work as hard. Congrats, you just saved up to 47% on cooling costs. (Of course, your savings will depend on local climate conditions and energy rates. But still not too shabby, right?)

How Do I Choose a Suitable Sized Ceiling Fan?

It’s pretty simple, if you’re going for comfort and efficiency, choose a fan that fits your room size. If a fan is too small, it won’t move enough air. Too big, and it could move too much air (Air Locked). An easy way to calculate it is this :

The tip of  the fan blades should be 1.5 Feet away from each wall.

Below is a rough guide on what sizes of fans to shortlist for your home :

Bedrooms : 36″ – 42″ (Diameter)
Master Bedrooms : 36″ – 48″ (Diameter)
Dining Room : 36″ – 48″ (Diameter)
Living Room : 48″ – 56″ (Diameter)

Ceiling Fan or Ceiling Light?

Why not both? Most fans have the ability to add on lights, from the traditional energy saving bulb to the latest 3-tone colour changing LED. You will be killing 2 birds with 1 stone!

Remote Control?

Thinking about whether a remote control will fit your lifestyle? With one-touch multiple speed settings, individual fan and light on off operation, and auto off timer function, it can enhance the operating flexibility of your fan. Well you would not want to get up from your comfortable sofa to do all those would you?

Safety Concerns?

All ceiling fans sold by Livingshack have undergone regulated testing in Singapore, therefore all fans have an individual Safety Mark to show for it. Livingshack does not sell unapproved ceiling fan models.

It is much cheaper to purchase a similar fan across the Causeway.

Well we admit that it is true, however the fans, even though similar, have not undergone the Singapore Safety Mark testing. In the event of accidents (fire, fan dropping, etc.), your insurance will not be able to cover the damages incurred as it is not an approved fan. Additionally, these fans will not be covered by warranty and onsite servicing in Singapore.

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