Crestar SkyLite Plus Polycarbonate 50″ Ceiling Fan

$630.00 $470.00

  • Model: CSL105 Skylite plus (50″) Polycarbonate;
  • Motor: Crestar Super 188 Alumi Motor™
  • Housing: Metal Alloy
  • Speed: 6 Speed
  • Blade: 3D Double Angle HY Polycarbonate Blade
  • RPM: 85-210 (50”);
  • Controls: 6 Speed Remote Control
  • Power: 3.2 m/s ( 50”);
  • Light Options: 20W LED Panel (Tri-Color)

Delivers in 4 working days.

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One of the best-selling ceiling fans around! Skylite Plus Polycarbonate 50″ (cylindrical-shaped body) displays its excellence in terms of both wind delivery and aesthetics.

It features a built-in light, LCD remote control and a modern cylindrical shape housing. This model also boasts the durable Alumi Motor and 3D Double Angle Wooden Blades for better and wider breeze distribution.


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