LivingShack is the authorized dealer of KDK Ceiling Fans providing different models of fans; ventilating fans, air curtains, and air moving equipment. As the market drives any company, KDK is ahead of its time, in terms of delivering the product high in functionality, quality and reliability, since the brand have ever started with electric fans.

All fans offered at LivingShack come with original accessories of KDK. Customers can have the products delivered at their doorstep with full features and detail of the fans, including colour, specs, and material used in manufacturing of the fans. KDK has grown in the market over a long period of time including overseas. In an effort to continue increasing the relationship with consumers, KDK community continues to provide high-quality products for all.

KDK is one of the most promising high-quality performance and ventilating products in the market. Being an authorised dealer, the mission of the LivingShack is to deliver the best quality products, as well as item specialised in and professionally improves the indoor air Quality in the residence by providing the quality products to society.

KDK ceiling fans, prides itself on having contemporary designs along with graceful colour options, comfortable air delivery while being quiet at the same time.

Livingshack is an Authorised Dealer for KDK Ceiling Fans.
All fans come with ORIGINAL KDK accessories to ensure maximum performance.
Local Agent Warranty = 1 Year

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